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Data wydania 31 grudnia 2018, redaktor prowadzący numeru: Agnieszka Matusiak

Numer 6/2018 (listopad-grudzień 2018)


Konferencje naukowe


Tourism Solidarities: From Self to Other and Anthropology 

Miejsce i termin: Poznań, 27-31.08.2018
Organizator: International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES)/ panel organized by dr Jonathan Skinner (University of Roehampton) and dr Magdalena Banaszkiewicz (Jagiellonian University in Krakowa)

Is tourism all about the I and the eyes? What does tourism do for the self, the other and the we? Does tourism unite or divide people and groups whether host, guest or self? How has the shift in the anthropology of tourism to examine tourism imaginaries and tourist mobilities impacted on the anthropology of community?

This panel welcomes papers that consider some of the above questions through an ethnographic and/or theoretical engagement with tourist practices such as: voluntourism, sustainable development and tourism, compassionate tourism, solidarity tourism and political tourism. Panelists might want to engage historically with the shifts in tourism practices from mass tourism to de-differentiated niche tourism and even virtual tourism. Is this a shift from dysfunctional practice by sun-tanned destroyers of culture to sympathetic responsible engagement with the Other? Predicated upon difference, and paid for through economics, how does the cultural dynamics of tourism, its ethics and ethnics, its technologies and mediations, inform anthropological debate on the human nature of the singular and the plural? We welcome submissions engaging with the above topics and issues, but also those that use related material to give fresh insights on solidarity, community and individuality in the anthropology of tourism.

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